The Humanist Manifesto

I was surprised to get an e-mail from my brother, Karan, last night. He has a few opinions on humanity in general, which I felt I should share since he is too lazy or busy to start a blog of his own. I admire his opinions and I want people to read what he writes. He is just 24, but honestly his insights can be matched up to more experienced scholars. Hope you like what he has written, please do leave your comments.


Humanity is dying and we are letting it die. Viruses have taken over. The differences between us and animals are fading. Rather than being antigens we are incubating the virus. The virus pits you against I and us against each other – divide and rule in a never-ending competition. Hypnotized into submission, our ability to think is stolen, rendering us impotent. Our attention diverted, making us yearn for unachievable goals. Mired in delusion, we find the only path to achieve these goals is through individualism. We are not allowed to think of our fellow human beings because we struggle in our own lives. It feels everyone has accepted this struggle as the status quo. Our relationships suffer. Most of us refrain from those that are of no benefit. The misery of others has become our amusement. We are unable to empathize. The unease felt everywhere. The aggressiveness amongst us is evident as our instincts overcome the pay offs of interaction. The consumption of intoxicating substances is on the rise. Anything to escape the realities. The very fabric of our society, our friends,and our families are being destroyed.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have free higher education? Or even an affordable one? Other countries do it. Why do public and private interests collude to make money on student debts? Why is the minimum wage so low despite the impossibility of living off it? Why do people who have never lived on the minimum wage get to decide what it should be? Why doesn’t any political body reflect the exact proportion of males to females? Why aren’t the capital-gains taxes higher? Why isn’t there a higher inheritance tax? Why aren’t there any unions, workers’ rights, or benefits for everybody? Why don’t we get longer vacations? How can the corporations make so much money without dispersing it? Why do governments support corporations rather than supporting the people? Why are we letting our governments fight the wrong wars when they could be fighting the right wars while we let people die of hunger even when there is enough food on this planet. Are we saying some lives are more precious than others?

Most of us don’t bother with these questions. And anyone who does is shunned.“You can’t do anything about It.” ……Why can’t we do anything about it!? Are we not free? Isn’t the whole world jealous of our freedoms?

The truth is our chains are invisible. Invisible.

But let us step aside from the blame game. We are the problem. We have willingly become slaves of materialism. Our lives dominated by things we don’t need. We buy the latest gadgets, the latest mobiles, the latest clothing even when the previous ones are just fine. Yet a dollar a day from our pockets could support a family starving to death. If this fact doesn’t embarrass us, noting can. Liking a Facebook page does not make you human!

If these ideas have not aroused your conscience, think of the ideas that can. And lastly, please throw this paper in a designated paper bin.


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